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New Mexico State Library - Statewide Databases Survey!


As a result of the New Mexico statewide assessment of libraries and discussions held at the “Libraries Transform New Mexico” statewide conference on libraries held in early November and at the direction of the Secretary of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the State Librarian, we are currently assessing the New Mexico statewide databases which may result in changes next fiscal year.  This survey is part of that assessment.

As you know, the State Library spends a significant amount of the New Mexico LSTA Federal money per year on statewide databases.  We have been asked to find out what value the three databases currently purchased provide to libraries and what benefit is realized in the communities served by the libraries.

You can access the survey by going to

Based on the assessment feedback we receive from libraries around the state, we hope to gain insight on the direction you would like the statewide databases to take in the future.

Thank you for your participation!

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